Nadezhda Banchik

nadezhda banchikNadezhda (Nadya) Banchik was born and raised in L’viv, Ukraine. She holds a Masters in Journalism from the Ukrainian Academy of Publishing (Ukrains’ka Akademia Drukarstva) and completed post-graduate studies at Moscow State University. In 1996, she moved to San Jose, California.
Nadya writes for several Russian- and Ukrainian-American newspapers, most often as a columnist for the Russian-American weekly West-East (Denver) and the Ukrainian biweekly Viche (Chicago). As a journalist, Nadya is interested in politics, human rights and humanitarian issues in the Ukraine and Russia, including Caucasus as a conflict zone.

Nadya is a member of Amnesty International and works on international campaigns to resolve the Russian-Chechen conflict and aid Chechen refugees. She translated a profound monograph written by Dr. John Dunlop, Senior Associate of the Hoover Institution, Russia Confronts Chechnya: Roots of Separatist Conflict (Cambridge University Press, 1998), from English into Russian that was published by the Russian human rights center Memorial in 2001.