Sharon Njobo

Sharon Njobo works with the Christian Children's Fund of Canada. She is also a seasoned international journalist and scholar. She has been a volunteer executive board member of Women's Health in Women's Hands, which provides community, mental and clinical health care in metropolitan Toronto. WHWH works with immigrants and/or refugees, women with disabilities, young women and older women. It also seeks to address the issue of access to healthcare caused by poverty, gender, race, violence, sexual orientation, religion, culture, language, disability, class and socio-economic circumstances.
Educated in Zimbabwe, Sharon earned her Master's degree at the University of Natal, South Africa. She has worked and volunteered for not-for-profit organizations in both Zimbabwe and South Africa. For eight years she was a reporter for the Zimbabwe Inter-Africa News Agency, where she wrote about socio-economic issues as well as national and international policies. She was also Information and Advocacy Officer for the Women and AIDS Support Network (WASN), a women's organization in Harare that addresses women's issues in the area of HIV/AIDS through advocacy, support and networking. She is now living in exile in Canada and is passionate about improving the quality of life for women, children and communities wherever she is.