Choices, Choices, Choices

My brother, who has now moved to Hillbrow sent me the longest email ever. I suspect he is reaching out. Initially, forced to live in the township because the rents there were cheaper and because the townships were much safer than Hillbrow, he strangely now feels safer in Hillbrow. He says he feels a little safer with other African brothers. This causes me to conclude that the raging South African mobs have suddenly been branded non African. My brother says he feels safer in Hillbrow because the brothers from Nigeria, Cameroon, Zimbabwe and Pakistan who live in Hillbrow mostly have guns. As the elder sister I asked the inevitable question of whether he would consider going back. The response pasted here : "Mugabe is also beating up pple there, so it's better to be beaten up here where the polce at least try and defend you rather than in Zim where it's the cops and sodiers beating up pple ,you know even the government (South African government) knows ukuthi (that) no one can just enter eHillbrow and do what they pliz ,unless they are ready for war,Iraq style,anything can come out of hillbrow even war tanks can emerge from a basement !,gaya (Imagine)I feel like writing and writing but I'm out of time,now that uSie (our 28-year old sister)is at home I feel all alone,I really wish to raise money to pay for my daughter's lobola." My brother has a young daughter whom he can't have custody of because traditionally he must pay lobola because he is not married to the mother of his daughter. What love!

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