Priti Sehgal

PritiPriti Sehgal is a journalist presently based in New Delhi, India. After an exciting stint as a freelance writer for reputed Indian dailies and magazines, Priti's passion for writing led her to a full-time career in journalism. She joined the reputed English daily The Times of India as a staff correspondent and has over 500 bylines to her credit. After receiving an offer from the Eenadu Group, Priti switched to television and joined ETV as a senior correspondent in the politically important state of Uttar Pradesh. She covered the careers of three Chief Ministers from three different political parties – Rajnath Singh, Mayawati and Mulayam Singh Yadav - as well as some of the country's riots, Legislative Assembly elections and state visits by the Indian President and Prime Minister. Priti has also been published in the second edition of People Building Peace, a project of the European Centre for Conflict Prevention, and she is the ambassador of the US-based Companion Flag project in India.

Priti is currently taking a short hiatus to be a full-time mom to her toddler.