Kavita Bedford

BedfordKavita Bedford is an award-winning freelance writer from Australia. She has had articles published in The Women's International Perspective, Voiceworks, Tharunka, The Santiago Times, Revolver Culture Guide, The Canberra Times and RealTime. In 2010, she was featured as an outstanding contributor to online journalism in Iowa University’s Women in International Communication interview series (2010). She is a recipient of the WestWords Western Sydney Writers’ Fellowships to develop a writing project. She has performed her fiction work at the Sydney Writers’ Festival in 2011, 2012, appeared as a panellist at the National Young Writers’ Festival, and co-facilitated the Islamic Relations Forum while at university to promote a public discourse on representations of Muslims in the Australian media and cross-cultural debate She recently completed her thesis in a Masters of Applied Anthropology, which she did in conjunction with working as a research associate for the World Bank’s Justice for the Poor team in Jakarta, Indonesia.