Rachel Muthoni

rachel muthoniRachel Muthoni is a Kenyan journalist. She holds an International Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies and is currently pursuing a Degree in Communications. She has worked in international and local media for the last seven years both in print journalism as well as photojournalism. Having grown up in a middle-class family in Nyeri district of Kenya’s Central Province, she had never experienced poverty first hand. However, she saw her friends in school skip lunch because their parents could not afford it, and attend school bare footed as they could not afford a pair of shoes. It is in curiosity of what poverty is that she developed a bias toward research and writing on issues relating to poverty, HIV, and the abuse of women and children particularly in slums and other marginalized areas. Her goal is to study at least up to a masters level and also to tell as many stories about under privileged people, that will change their lives for the better.