Caroline Achieng Otieno

caroline achieng otienoCaroline Achieng Otieno is a citizen of Kenya currently residing in the Netherlands. Her work experience has involved work as a Flight Operations Officer in the East and Central African region; (communicating with pilots on radio) and as well work as a Staff Writer for a regional youth magazine directed to the youth in Kenya, Zimbabwe and Uganda. Since 2008, she has been contributing articles on a monthly basis to African Bulletin, based in Eindhoven; and has written for Helium, The Displaced African Blog and the African Center Blog. She is currently involved in human rights activism and philanthropy and has a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations (cum-laude honours); Master's studies in International Law, and a Masters in International Law with a human rights specialization. Caroline's passion is women's rights and protection of children especially in conflict zones. She is currently involved in establishing a non-governmental organization for the advancement of the girl-child in Kenya.