Kaleidoscopic New York

With the same right that Paris is called “City of Light” we may say that New York should be called “City of Color”. That polychromatic nature is one of the city’s characteristics, something I learned from a doctor and artist friend, David Abelson, when he was living in New York (he now lives in Tel Aviv). In some wonderful watercolors, David was able to show the incredible variety of colors in the New York sky. Thus, my untrained eyes began seeing the marvelous palette of the city that seems to be pulsating with color and energy in the most unexpected places. An Iranian-American photographer, Kamran Sabahi, brings the city to life with a series of images that makes us see the city in a new, different and very appealing light. Those who see his images of the city will not be able to see New York in the same way again.









All photographs courtesy of the artist. For more photos, visit his Flickr page or like him on Facebook.

cesar chelalaDr. Cesar Chelala is a New York writer.





kamran sabahi Kamran Sabahi is a New York City visual artist, and all of his images start with an idea, a story to tell. His work shows New York in so many different ways, from his fascination of architecture, nature to the energy of the countless people from different parts of the world.

4 comments on “Kaleidoscopic New York
  1. Margarita Drago says:

    Beautiful! The artist captured the moment, the majesty of a “City of Color!”

  2. daniela says:

    Wow, truly stunning portraits of NY. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Cecilia Sozzi says:

    As a newyorker I was delighted with Cesar Chelala’s article. Once again, he succeded in revealing the beauty and magic of our city.

  4. Nicolai Erdmann says:

    I gave one of these beautiful photos as a wedding gift to my wife. We are from Germany, but we lived in NYC for two months and we met Kamran and his sweet wife – both are very friendly. The photo is in our living room now, so we can see one of our beautiful memories every day. Thank you so much !!!

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