Riham Alkousaa

JpegRiham Alkousaa is 24-year-old Palestinian Syrian Journalist based in Berlin, Germany. She holds a BA in Faculty of Media from Damascus University. She was previously employed at Sham FM Radio in Damascus, Syria; Syria Today Magazine, and by the online magazine Aliqtisadi. Riham has been published on the website Huna Sotak and the print publication Assafire. Her current focus is cultural events and issues in higher education in the Middle East. Visit Riham's blog rihamkousa.wordpress.com where she writes about herself, her dreams, and her daily life. Riham tells The WIP, "I have two homes that I lost; my Palestine in 1948 and my Yarmouk Camp (south of Damascus) in 2012. I dream of a better Syria, a new Syria where everyone can have his/her own fair share. I dream of going back home."

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