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In 2006, a handful of enthusiastic editors began a collaboration that would ultimately become The WIP. We imagined “a news website where women were the experts, the public intellectuals, the writers.” We were fascinated by the internet and “by its potential … by humanity and our potential,” and believed media would be force for social change in the 21st century. We valued news because it is a source of education and concluded, as purveyors of news, knowledge and insight, “We can do better.”

And we did. Since our launch, The WIP has provided the stories behind headlines – context that is often overlooked and undervalued. This information is not only informative but transformative. This context – be it historical, forward thinking, or rooted in human rights and social justice is often missing from standard international news reporting. Together our voices have inspired readers of The WIP to not simply notice but to care. The WIP Community cares about our sisters and our transnational plight. The WIP Community is committed to rectifying the injustices faced by so many around the world. Through our stories, we have taught each other what matters. With our words, we have laid out solutions for a just, equitable, and free future for all.

In 2015, The WIP added to our news service an educational archive that our community can search by topic, region of the world, or author; all of it developed from our contributor’s words and articles over the years. We offer users a glimpse into what women worldwide see and experience during a critical period in world history. As a news service, The WIP continues to provide the stories of the journalists, activists, organizations, and the women and men on the ground creating social change in their communities. As an Educational Archive, The WIP serves students, researchers, and news junkies alike.

The WIP is a balanced media source that promotes diversity. We are not associated with any religious, political, or cultural affiliation. As a worldwide collective of writers, The WIP is an opportunity to balance the tremendous under-representation of women journalists and offer a greater diversity of background and opinion than typically found in mainstream publications. The WIP strives to bring together divergent cultures, opinions, and ideas in solution-based dialog.

The WIP recognizes our global interconnectedness. Our feature articles offer a more humanistic and contextual view than traditional news stories. They are concerned with the human cost of global policy and the impact of events as they unfold.

The WIP honors underrepresented voices – we honor women, we honor the indigenous, we honor the poor. We honor the personal and the invisible – the stories that don’t get press. The WIP honors the freedom that is the gift that comes with the open exchange of ideas, analysis, and opinion.

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The WIP editing team recognizes our global inter-connectedness – how local events have global impact while global events have local significance. We strive to publish relevant and engaging world news, opinion and commentary written by women for everyone.

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