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Grey Gardens Restored

by Alexandra Marie Daniels – USA – Little Edie and Big Edie are back on the big screen. A new 2K digital restoration of the 1976 documentary film opened March 6, 2015. Screenings continue throughout the summer in select theatres

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Clark Terry as Hero, Mentor, and Friend: Keep On Keepin’ On

by Alexandra Marie Daniels -USA- I always thought that the most important thing was to play my horn. But later on I had a new dream, to help young musicians make their dreams come true. – Clark Terry Filmed over

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#WomenCallAction: Missing Her POV

On Tuesday, August 5, The WIP is hosting the live Twitter chat #WomenCallAction: Missing Her POV from 10 am – 11 am PDT. Inspired by The WIP Feature Article #WomenCallAction: Illuminating the Relevance of Women Directing U.S. Media and the July 24 report

Call Me Kuchu – Empowering Uganda’s LGBT Activists

by Alexandra Marie Daniels Arts & Culture Editor When I learned the principal character in the film Call Me Kuchu is the slain human rights activist David Kato, I felt a sense of relief. Stories come and go in the

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Remembering the Holocaust, Beginning Today

Lore died recently. She died peacefully in her sleep. More ready than anyone I had ever met. Our telephone conversations often began with “How are you doing you Lore?” Her response, “Well, I woke up this morning.” I imagine my

As Catholic as the Pope But Not Allowed to Lead

pink smoke poster

by Alexandra Marie Daniels -USA- On March 13, 2013 Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio, 76, was elected by the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church to succeed Pope Benedict XVI. Although hailed for both humility and service to the poor,

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How to Survive a Plague – A Model for Human Rights Social Activism.

by Alexandra Marie Daniels Arts, Culture & Media Editor Although it feels like it is a film from the 1990’s recently stumbled upon and re-discovered high up on a shelf in a dusty box, How to Survive a Plague directed

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Adopting Chinese Daughters: A Conversation on Somewhere Between

by Alexandra Marie Daniels Arts, Culture & Media Editor “I cried” is the first thing I say when I begin my phone conversation with Linda Goldstein Knowlton about her new film Somewhere Between. “If you don’t cry,” the director responds,

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Meditating on our Global Interconnectedness: A Conversation with Samsara Filmmakers Ron Fricke and Mark Magidson

by Alexandra Marie Daniels Arts, Culture & Media Editor The big picture is that we’ve all been invited here to this planet, life didn’t ask anybody to approve of the guest list. We are all connected. – Ron Fricke, Director,

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Rape Survivors in the Military: Invisible No More

by Alexandra Marie Daniels Arts, Culture & Media Editor “If everyone knows, it can’t be a secret.” – The Invisible War “If you could do one thing political this month, go see this film.” These words stay with me in

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