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Zanu PF End of the road?

Cross-posted from Nehanda Radio. It increasingly looks as if its days of political hegemony over the country are coming to a bitter end as the former freedom fighters daily tear into each other – with sniping at characters having become

Human Trafficking: Modern Day ‘Slavery’ in Belgium

by Grace Kwinjeh -Belgium- A Thai woman, aged 28, met a handsome Belgian man and fell in love. He assisted her in getting a visa to leave Thailand and marry him in Belgium. The mother of two, who had worked

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The Retrogressive Politics of a Divided Opposition in Zim

There is a popular joke often repeated in political circles, that if you place two Zimbabweans on the moon, chances are they will form three political parties. The joke is an excellent analogy as Zimbabweans historically seem to have a

Violence Against Women — Going Beyond Daily Rhetoric

As we commemorate the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, I thank and congratulate my sisters in particular, for your commitment to issues concerning our empowerment as it relates to peace and security in the home and in our

“South Africa Treats Zimbabwean Refugees Like Criminals”

by Grace Kwinjeh – South Africa – Last week Zimbabwe’s civil society and opposition held a commemorative vigil marking the anniversary of the gruesome torture of opposition leaders (myself included) at the hands of the Mugabe government. The world watched

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