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Lilian Mogiti Nyandoro, Anti-FGM Crusader, Liberates Maasai Women and Girls

by Joyce J. Wangui -Kenya- Though the name Lilian Mogiti Nyandoro may not mean much to those in Nairobi where she is based, in a small village in Kimana, Oloitoktok District her name speaks volumes. She has demystified the female

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Cancer in Kenya Should Not Be A Death Certificate

by Joyce J. Wangui -Kenya- Biopsy, mammogram, and chemotherapy are words all too familiar with cancer patients. Death is another word often at the tip of many tongues as patients describe the disease. Kenyans are coming to terms with cancer,

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Pursuit of Greener Pastures in Saudi Arabia Spells Doom for Kenyan Immigrants

by Joyce J. Wangui -Kenya- As the quest for working abroad heightens for many skilled and semi-skilled Kenyans, only a handful understand the implications of working in countries where labor laws are ignored. Media reports of brutality toward foreign laborers

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Poor Kenyans Still Grapple with Jigger Infestation

by Joyce J. Wangui – Kenya – Young Kamau carries a heavy bucket of water on his head. Clad in tattered clothes that barely conceal his ill-nourished body, the young boy is aware that the cameras are focused not on