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Marine Theme Parks Place Profits Over Animal Welfare

by Katie Palmer -Canada- Like for many Canadian children, the 1993 Warner Brothers classic Free Willy fueled my love of orca whales, colloquially known as “killer whales.” I begged my parents to give me a “whale name.” They dubbed me

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Survivors of Sex Trafficking in Global South Need IT Skills Training Rather than Sewing Lessons

by Katie Palmer -Canada- Child sex trafficking is rampant throughout the Philippines. Both anti-trafficking non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and government agencies estimate that 60,000 to 100,000 Filipino children, a majority between the ages of 14 and 17, are trafficked each year

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Advocacy Tours Transform Local Development Issues into Tourist Spectacles

by Katie Palmer -Canada- Recently I partnered with a colleague from OneChild, a children’s rights organization, to travel throughout Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand for several weeks to investigate prevalent social issues affecting children and youth in the region. Such issues

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Generation ‘Y’ Leads the Way in the Rise of Active Global Citizenship

by Katie Palmer -Canada- In recent years, there has been a slight yet noticeable shift among many Western young adult travelers. Once adventurously backpacking across Northern Europe and other parts of the world, they now combine cheap travel to the

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New Integrated Resorts Source of Social and Environmental Problems in Singapore

by Katie Palmer -Canada- At first glance, it seems as if the Government of Singapore has developed a brilliant plan to create jobs for local Singaporeans, to boost tourism, and to generate large amounts of revenue. By opening two world-class

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From One System of Control to Another for Philippine Child Survivors of Sex Trafficking and Prostitution

by Katie Palmer -Philippines- Nicki* was eight when her mother sold her to a local pimp in Southern Luzon, Philippines. She was forced to have sex daily with different pedophiles in a seedy brothel. Every night she danced on a

Reproductive Health Bill Sparks Controversy between Catholics and the Church in the Philippines

by Katie Palmer -Philippines- What happens to a country where there is a tight marriage between the State and the Catholic Church as well as an absence of a national population policy and nationwide inaccessibility to contraceptives, particularly among the

A Home Away From Home: Filipina Nannies Create Spaces of Belonging in Canada

by Katie Palmer -Canada- In 2009, the Toronto Star published a series of investigative reports on the widespread abuse and exploitation of Filipina live-in caregivers. The newspaper repeatedly pegged migrant women as victims: victims of ungodly employers; victims of provincial

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