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U.S. Stimulus Plan to Boost Geothermal Energy Prospects

by Kimberly N. Chase – USA – In an unmarked meadow by the side of the road at The Geysers, the 30-square-mile steam field about 70 miles north of San Francisco, California, the air smells like sulfur. Clouds of steam

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A Turbulent Year for California’s Cormorants

by Kimberly N. Chase – USA – Once one of the world’s most notorious prisons, Alcatraz is now home to a new type of visitor – nesting seabirds. On a bright May morning this year, the sun cast bold shadows

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The Story of Stuff’s Annie Leonard Says “It’s so solvable”: 2009 Bioneers Conference Focuses on Solutions

by Kimberly N. Chase – USA – Walking through any one of America’s big cities, the wind may brush a candy bar wrapper across the street and giant bags of trash might choke the sidewalk. Some people think nothing of

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Remote Warfare Radically Changes the Front Lines

by Kimberly N. Chase – USA – In ancient times, warriors could look one another in the eye on the battlefield. War was fought with minimal weaponry, a person-to-person test of bravery and strength. Battlefields were clearly demarcated, extending only

Online Education Could Help More Students Make it to Class

by Kimberly N. Chase – USA – In an age of ever-busier schedules, escalating costs and dwindling funding for public education, the image of the full-time college student, loafing in libraries and flipping through volumes of political theory in campus

2008 Bioneers Conference Focuses on Indigenous Culture in Sustainable Development

by Kimberly N. Chase – USA – It’s not everyday that thousands of like-minded people from diverse fields come together to discuss ecological topics from biomimicry to eco-tourism, but the 2008 Bioneers conference, held October 17-19 in San Rafael, California

A New Direction for Biofuels: Louisiana’s Verenium Races to Get Cellulosic Ethanol to Market

by Kimberly N. Chase – USA – The issue of corn-based ethanol is getting more complicated by the day, with increasing concern about rising food prices and questions about environmental impact. But researchers are developing ways of producing cellulosic ethanol,

New Orleans Activist Pam Dashiell Blends Environmentalism with Civil Rights to Rebuild Her Struggling City

by Kimberly N. Chase – USA – Pam Dashiell, Lower 9th Ward activist, passed away of natural causes in 2009. She was 61 years old. – Ed. After hearing the family history of her adventurous great-grandmother, a free African American