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‘No Toilet, No Bride’: Sanitation Solutions in India

by Lesley D. Biswas -India- A version of the following article was originally published on October 1, 2010. Despite staggering rates of illness and disease from poor sanitation, mobile phones carry higher status than toilets amongst the poor in India.-

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New Law to Address Child Sexual Abuse in India

by Lesley D. Biswas -India- On March 24, 2011 India woke up to a chilling headline that read: “Man held for raping his minor daughter.” The victim, a 13-year-old girl from North Delhi allegedly had been raped several times over

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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty, Illiteracy, and Discrimination in India

by Lesley D. Biswas -India- Poverty, illiteracy and gender disparity are engrained in the Indian society. Key indicators of social development such as health and education are below average. The World Bank estimates India is home to 456 million people

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Toilets: A Matter of Pride for the Indian Bride

by Lesley D. Biswas -India- Among the first things you notice when you come to India is the repelling sight of people defecating in the open. Be it a rural village or the teeming city slums, you see people lined

Project Sukanya’s Retail Enterprise Produces Dignity and Independence for Indian Women

by Lesley D. Biswas -India- Anjali Das, an elderly woman, sits in her bright yellow Bou cart at a strategic road crossing in Salt Lake City, Kolkata. She is selling hand packed edibles, spices, jute handicrafts, dry fruit, and colorful

Jeopardizing Children’s Health: Indian Markets Overrun with Toxic Toys

by Lesley D. Biswas – India – The annual Bidhannagar Fair at Kolkata’s Central Park is a swarm of enthusiastic children and their parents. Amidst the tangle of toy vendors and the squeaking and jarring sounds of their toys, seven-year-old

Marital Rape: Still an Underreported Crime in India

by Lesley D. Biswas – India – When Mili held her newborn baby girl in her arms she wept, not with joy but with a deep sense of pain and disgust. The child reminded her of the intense physical pain

Limiting Emissions: India Capitalizes on Natural Strengths and Community

by Lesley D. Biswas – India – Situated in the coastal regions of West Bengal and parts of Bangladesh, Sundarbans is the largest deltaic mangrove forest in the world and home to the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger. According to a

Silver Surfers: Senior Citizens in India Embrace the Internet to Cope with a Lonely Future

by Lesley D. Biswas – India – Dennis Meredith has two sprawling bungalows on 15 acres of rich fertile country land in McCluskiegunj where he has spent his life nurturing a beautiful garden and orchard. Dennis has lived here since

East Kolkata Wetlands: Eco-Tourism Helps Preserve the Word’s Largest Resource Recovery System

by Lesley D. Biswas – India – Commuting along the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass that runs parallel to the Indian city of Kolkata, the huge expanse of the East Kolkata Wetlands is a daily sight for city dwellers, and yet most