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Curing Cancer: Understanding Chemotherapy

by Paromita Pain -USA- Susan Mai did not want to die. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer and her doctor prescribed a course of chemotherapy, she knew it was the most that could be done. The very words “cancer”

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No Lump Still Cancer: Understanding Inflammatory Breast Cancer

by Paromita Pain -USA- Birthdays mark milestones. For Terry Arnold, one birthday changed the course of her life. “I had just turned 49 when one morning I woke up with one breast significantly swollen,” she says. “Soon I went from

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No Ordinary Fatigue: Battling Sjögren’s

by Paromita Pain -USA- “We cried the first time I told my family I had Sjögren’s syndrome,” says Susan Ross. “Dealing with the pain and fatigue seemed so overwhelming at times, but I was glad to finally know what it

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Innovative Internet-based Projects Give Indian Women Platform to Fight Violence

by Paromita Pain -India- Gropes, stealthy fingers that pinch and leave bruises, catcalls, severe beatings, systematic starvation, emotional torture and worse – harassment against women takes many forms, and like issues of hunger and poverty, it is global in scope.

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