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India’s Domestic Violence Campaign Asks Men to Be Part of the Solution

by Shreyasi Singh – India – Sometimes, just asking for a small cup of milk to brew your tea can bring domestic violence to a halt. Sounds too simple a solution? Well, it need not be as a recent public

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Brain Undrain: America’s Loss Is India’s Gain

by Shreyasi Singh – India – The weakening global economy is helping reverse India’s much-lamented “brain drain” as hundreds of techies, scientists and corporate managers, primarily from the US, are homeward bound. India’s booming economy has aided this influx. Its

India Says “I Do!”…to Divorce

by Shreyasi Singh – India – Divorce seems to have acquired a new label – Made in India! Data shows the country, known to be tradition-bound, conservative, and family-centric, is in the throes of a divorce spiral, with the number

Are Women Politicians in India Really Shattering the Glass Ceiling?

by Shreyasi Singh – India – The UNDP’s Human Development Indices 2008 gives India a rather embarrassing rank in its crucial Gender Development Index (116th out of 157 countries). But, for many of us tracking politics in India today, the