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Condoms in Bahrain: Sex Workers’ Only Protection Against HIV/AIDS

by Suad Hamada -Bahrain- Savatri used a condom for the first time in her life when she was forced into prostitution a few months ago. Fortunately, the 34-year-old Indian woman was instructed by the managers of the brothel to insist

Legal and Social Acceptance of Polygamy Destabilizing Families

by Suad Hamada -Bahrain- Polygamy is both legal and socially accepted in Bahrain and the rest of the Islamic world. Religious leaders defend the right of men to have up to four wives if they ensure equality among them. Yet,

The Hard Way Out: Divorce by Khula

by Suad Hamada – Bahrain – Fadhila is only allowed to go to the toilet after asking permission from her husband, she also puts up with his frequent demands for sex – even when she’s menstruating – but neither is

Transsexuals in the Middle East Await the Wave of Change

by Suad Hamada – Bahrain – Hell is what most Arabs think of when the word “transsexual” comes into any conversation since many mistake it with homosexuality, which is a sin in Islam. Most transsexuals prefer to remain anonymous since

Bahrain Offers Women No Protection from Spousal Rape

by Suad Hamada – Bahrain – Getting a divorce and custody of one’s children is very difficult in Bahrain, even in cases where a husband sexually attacks his wife. The issue was exposed to the public last year, when an

Dependent on Desalinisation, Bahrain Faces Water Conflicts

by Suad Hamada – Bahrain – Adhari was at one time a legendary site that attracted many tourists to the tiny desert island of Bahrain. Named for a beautiful girl whose tears flowed endlessly because she could not marry her

Arabs Fear Global Financial Crisis Despite Official Assurances

by Suad Hamada – Bahrain – “Arab and Gulf Banks will be completely safe from the global financial crisis.” That is what many Arab officials are announcing these days, but ordinary people are not reassured and fail to understand how

Even Oil Can’t Put Food on the Table

by Suad Hamada – Bahrain – They live in the richest states in the world but cannot afford to buy essential commodities because their countries were busy promoting oil related investments, rather than securing profitable food and agriculture industry. •

Strangers in their Homes: the Stateless Ask, “How can I not be a Bahraini? I was born here!”

by Suad Hamada – Bahrain – Most of them came by sea through tough journeys, seeking better lives. They loved their new homelands both before and after the oil era that brought wealth beyond anyone’s expectations. Many of them fought

Stop Hating Your Children: Bahrain’s Nationality Law Leaves Many of its Children Stateless

by Suad Hamada – Bahrain – “The land that I grew to love, hates my babies.” This is sadly what many Bahraini women of stateless children think to themselves every single day of their lives. Like outcasts, they feel helplessly

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