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Women Leaders: Africa’s Available Yet Underutilized Resource

by Susan Enuogbope Majekodunmi -USA- My maternal grandfather’s mantra was, “Educate a woman, and you feed and educate her family.” He educated his daughters when Nigerian fathers rarely did. My grandfather was also very interested in my education and often

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Anti-Corruption Crusader Nuhu Ribadu on Corruption and Leadership

by Susan Enuogbope Majekodunmi -USA- Being Nigerian and having many relatives still living there, I keep abreast of political and economic events. Nigeria is blessed with many natural resources and brilliant, hardworking citizens, but corruption over decades is draining her

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African Leaders and the President For Life Syndrome

by Susan Enuogbope Majekodunmi – USA – As a child growing up in Nigeria, I was familiar with military coups. I would wake up in the morning and on TV a new President in military uniform would state that there

A New Dawn for Nigerian Women? Time Will Tell

by Susan Enuogbope Majekodunmi – Nigeria – Nigeria is an oil-rich country in West Africa also endowed with other mostly unexploited natural resources, such as coal and tin, iron ore and other valuable minerals. Colonized by the British, their influence

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