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Kids with Same-Sex Parents are All Right: A Conversation with Lisa Cholodenko

by Vera von Kreutzbruck – Argentina/Germany – Last winter film director Lisa Cholodenko came to Berlin to present The Kids Are All Right at the International Film Festival. Dressed in black with short dark hair and thick-framed glasses Cholodenko is

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Interview with Howl film directors Epstein and Friedman: “Allen Ginsberg’s Poetic Prophecy”

by Vera von Kreutzbruck – Germany – Howl, a biopic centered on beatnik Allen Ginsberg’s seminal poem and the resulting obscenity trial, was the most moving and intellectually engaging film presented at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival. In the

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20 Years Later, Germany Struggles with “Annexation, not unification”

by Vera von Kreutzbruck – Germany – They were East Germany’s dream couple in the eighties. But shortly after the fall of the Wall, which divided East and West Germany from 1961 until 1989, a scandal would taint the image

Protecting Personal Data: Who Is Watching Big Brother?

by Vera von Kreutzbruck – Germany – One of life’s sweet pleasures is to travel. Thanks to the increasing number of low-cost flights, traveling abroad is no longer a luxury reserved for the privileged few. At the same time, however,

Interview with Actress Parker Posey: “It’s not easy as a woman in this business to have integrity”

by Vera von Kreutzbruck – Germany – Unlike many actors in the film industry, Parker Posey’s aspiration is not to be an A-list Hollywood star. Her career path has circumvented mainstream filmmaking, which – in her own words – does

Interview with Film Director Sally Potter: “Women are human beings in drag”

by Vera von Kreutzbruck – Germany – When I told British director and choreographer Sally Potter, 59, that I am from Argentina, she broke into song – “Don’t cry for me Argentina.” She has many fond memories from the time

Interview with Actress Tilda Swinton: “I am probably a woman”

by Vera von Kreutzbruck – Germany – Tilda Swinton is one of the most talented and captivating artists in current international cinema. She’s also in high demand. Tilda recently finished shooting a Jim Jarmusch film in Spain with Jim Murray

A Raw Portrait of Police Violence in Rio: Interview with Brazilian director José Padilha

by Vera von Kreutzbruck – Germany – Even before Elite Squad was released commercially in October 2007, the hugely popular film about police violence and corruption in Rio de Janeiro was already a major success in Brazil. Eleven million Brazilians

Barack Obama in Berlin: Germany Meets US Superstar

by Vera von Kreutzbruck – Germany – Barack Obama cast a spell on Germany. Even weeks before his visit to Berlin on July 24th, he dominated the headlines and was the talk of the capital city. Then, after much anticipation,

Interview with Polish Director Andrzej Wajda: An Elegy for Poland’s Painful Past

by Vera von Kreutzbruck – Germany – Andrzej Wajda was 13 years old when World War II broke out. Together with his mother he lived most of his life in the vain hope that his father might have survived the

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