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UK Government Makes ‘Wrong Cuts in Wrong Places’

The British government has dramatically cut funding for community colleges. This action has a huge impact on England’s arts, a large slice of the economy. On the chopping block are classes that have “no progression”, or classes which do not

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21st Century Piracy: The Demise of the Music Industry

by Victoria Aitken -UK- If you think of pirates as boat raiders off the coast of Somalia, or Johnny Depp starring in “Pirates of the Caribbean,” think again. A different kind of pirate is killing British jobs, closing shops on

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VIP Falcon Health Care in the United Arab Emirates

by Victoria Aitken -UK- Ever heard of a hospital which is an international tourist attraction recommended by guidebooks and airlines? Where state of the art medical technology is virtually limitless? And whose patients are all VIPs yet never complain? Welcome

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A Moral Argument for Bullfighting: More Humane than Eating Meat

by Victoria Aitken -UK- The social networking world is an odd one – you see your friends less, but know more about them – and real catching up has been replaced with the dubious substitute of half a dozen status

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In the Sinai Desert, Radio Sharm is Live and Well

by Victoria Aitken -UK- The Sinai desert has a new underground radio station – the only one to escape a ban on live radio transmissions – and it is breaking records for a radio station of its size. Radio Sharm’s

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The Saharawi – Forgotten in the Desert

by Victoria Aitken – UK – Inspired by her friend Piera’s lost heritage, writer Victoria Aitken traveled to Western Sahara to understand more about the plight of a people ousted from their land. I flew out of New York’s stone

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