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A Gypsy Saga: The Strojan Family Puts Slovenia on the Map

by Viktorija Plavcak – Slovenia – Slovenia, a new member of the European Union since September 2007, is a state where the rights of individuals are trampled on every day and nobody cares. Some may feign concern in public, but

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Bureaucracy Killed a Man: Slovenia’s Health Care System Creates Another Tragedy

by Viktorija Plavcak – Slovenia – Two weeks ago in Celje, the third largest city in Slovenia, a fifty-year old man, barely able to drive himself to the hospital, walked into the ER in the middle of the night complaining

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Trapped in Slovenia: Refugee “Separated Children” Are Often Trafficked Across International Borders

by Viktorija Plavcak – Slovenia – Many European countries, as well as Slovenia, are facing the problem of refugees and illegal runaways. Slovenia is merely a transitory country for many, but since it acts as a divide between the East

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Much Ado About Nothing: How the Adoption of the Euro Is Effecting Slovenia’s Identity

by Viktorija Plavcak – Slovenia – It has been almost two years since Slovenia became a full member of the European Union. On May 5th, 2005 we entered the European Union after years of pain-staking preparations and compliance with the

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8th March – International Women’s Day

by Viktorija Plavcak – Slovenia – Some thirty years ago, in a socialist system, we went out to the woods to pick the first snowdrops, to search highs and lows under the snow blanket covering the soft, mossy grounds. We

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