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Justice in Pakistan: Unmasking Perween Rahman’s Killers

by Zubeida Mustafa -Pakistan- The “weakness of women”, widely believed to be a natural phenomenon, is actually a myth. Women are resilient and there are many cases where “woman power” won the day because women fighting for a cause refused

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Language Discrimination in Pakistan Harms Women and Indigenous Culture

By Zubeida Mustafa -Pakistan- Asifa, 12, lives in Karachi, the port city in southern Pakistan. She is a child of the lesser gods. That means that she is malnourished and falls ill frequently. Her home is a modest two-room house

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Empowering Pakistani Women through Education and Family Planning

by Zubeida Mustafa -Pakistan- Empowerment is opening up new spaces for personal development for women in Pakistan. As opportunities for education come within their reach women are learning how to upgrade their lives. This has brought the realization that a

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Taking the First Step: Educating Karachi’s Street Children

by Zubeida Mustafa -Pakistan- The story of Parveen Lateef and her home school was first published on October 22, 2010. This version includes an update on Lateef and her students. It is as relevant today as it was when it

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Resurgence of Kidney Tourism in Pakistan

by Zubeida Mustafa -Pakistan- A version of the following article was originally published August 12, 2009. In light of recent reports of illegal kidney transplants in Pakistan, the author has updated the article. – Ed. Several years ago Pakistan’s newspapers

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What the Future Holds for Flood-Affected Pakistanis: Will Zuhra Go to School Again?

by Zubeida Mustafa -Pakistan- Zuhra is four and she has recently learned her Sindhi alphabet – 52 letters in all. She wants the world to know about her achievement. When I met Zuhra at the Indus Resource Centre’s (IRC) tent

A Beacon of Hope from within Pakistan: A Home-school in Karachi

by Zubeida Mustafa -Pakistan- Floods in 2010. Earthquake in 2005. Pakistan has been severely battered by the elements. Thousands have died and millions have become internally displaced. But even without Nature’s unkind revenge, life in Pakistan is not easy for

Fighting Kidney Tourism in Pakistan

by Zubeida Mustafa – Pakistan – A few years ago, Pakistan’s newspapers and magazines were awash with pictures of shirtless men displaying scars on their torsos indicating they were organ donors. There were villages where practically every male adult claimed