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Imagine: A Conversation with OVO’s Artist Director Marjon Van Grunsven

by Alexandra Marie Daniels Arts and Culture Editor “What’s your dream?” she asks. I look at my friend Marjon across the table at the little café […]

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Artist Will Deliver Baby as Performance Art

This month Brooklyn artist Marni Kotak will deliver her first child in a gallery as a work of art. The Birth of Baby X is a […]

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Life’s Work: Gudran Artistic Collective Promotes Culture as Development in Egyptian Fishing Town

by Michelle Chen – USA – The sun pounds down on El Max like a scalding flint. The tiny Egyptian fishing town bordering the Mediterranean seems […]

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Exploring the Edge: Young Couple Brings the Rita Project and Birth Write to Los Angeles

by Sarah McGowan Features & Photo Editor, The WIP – USA – Recently relocated to Los Angeles, artists Kim Strouse and Joseph Michael Lopez are no […]

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Unreal Beauty Is Dangerous to the Soul

by Nancy Van Ness – USA – I know what I look like, more than most people. I study photographs and film footage of myself dancing […]

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Art Against Forgetting: stumbling over Germany’s sordid past

By Vera von Kreutzbruck – Germany – Ever since the memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe was inaugurated in Berlin two years ago, it has […]

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A Chair Can Be a Powerful Symbol

by D-L Nelson – France – Geneva, Switzerland – “The chair is back,” Geneva residents are saying to each other. They are referring to a 12-meter […]

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