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Craftsmen of Renowned Kashmiri Guns Struggle to Survive

by Nusrat Ara –Indian-administered Kashmir– As a little kid my elder brother and I spent most of our time at our maternal grandparent’s house. A room […]

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Kenya’s Kazuri Bead Factory Allows Women from Kibera Slum to Build New Lives

by Sarah Wyatt – USA – Years of hardship and backbreaking labor in the riot-stricken slums of Kibera in south Kenya have worn 18 year old […]

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Art for a Time of Crisis

by Nancy Van Ness – USA – In a heap on the studio floor as though they had collapsed under some disaster, fallen birds present a […]

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Producing Artisan Cheeses in Provence: A Proud Tradition Still Lives

by D-L Nelson – France – France is a mecca for the large number of small-scale raw milk cheese producers that live and work in the […]

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Even As Traditional Art in Malawi Begins to Prosper, Its Future Is Threatened

by Pilirani Semu-Banda – Malawi – Over 65 percent of Malawi’s 12 million people live below the poverty line of less than $1 a day, while […]

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