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Female Perspectives on Ending Sexual Violence: Survivors Helping Survivors

by Stephanie Koehler –USA– When she was in third grade, Alex’s stepfather asked her whether she knew what the word ‘rapist’ meant. One would think that […]

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Art Installation The Dresses / Objects Project Explores Femininity and Gender

by Emily Wilson –USA– I admire boldness. So Katrina Rodabaugh’s The Dresses / Objects Project, a multi-disciplinary installation combining a dizzying array of artistic forms appealed […]

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Interview with Howl film directors Epstein and Friedman: “Allen Ginsberg’s Poetic Prophecy”

by Vera von Kreutzbruck – Germany – Howl, a biopic centered on beatnik Allen Ginsberg’s seminal poem and the resulting obscenity trial, was the most moving […]

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If There is Something to Desire:Interview with Russian Poet Vera Pavlova

by Anna Clark – USA – Why is the word yes so brief? It should be the longest, the hardest, so that you could not decide […]

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