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The Great Invisible Explores Human Cost of Deepwater Horizon Disaster

by Danielle Steer –USA– I recently read that your 20s are a defining decade in regards to a person’s development. As I near the end of […]

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A Matter of Life and Health: Villagers in Kazakhstan Fight Big Oil

by Leanne A. Grossman –USA– The noxious smell of rotten eggs regularly blows over the rural village of Berezovka, Kazakhstan. The fumes come directly from the […]

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The Oil Spill as Metaphor

The Gulf oil spill is not only a metaphor for the habitat-killing greed of Big Oil; it fits the society-killing greed of the hate taxes movement […]

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The Gulf Oil Spill: How Are You Responsible?

Listen to the June 13th broadcast of Sundays at Five by clicking the play button below. Kate and Ali talk with Nancy Sleeth, author of Go […]

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BP Gas Fumes on Gulf Coast “Completely Nauseating and Inescapable”

Listen to the May 16th broadcast of Sundays at Five by clicking the play button below. Kate Daniels and Jessica Mosby discuss the continuing crisis in […]

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Crude: The Real Price of Oil – An Interview with Director Joe Berlinger

by Jessica Mosby – USA – Crude: The Real Price of Oil is outright sickening. Huge crude oil pits dot the landscape, natural waterways are so […]

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Niger Delta Crisis: Women and Children of the Creeks Pay High Price for Nigeria’s Oil

by Remi Adeoye – Nigeria – There is stiff opposition to the proposed Niger Delta Summit slated to be held in Abuja, Nigeria. The Delta’s most […]

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A Struggling Nation: Indonesia in Food, Fuel, and Compassion Crises

by Jennie S. Bev – USA / Indonesia – I live in Northern California, considered one of the wealthiest regions in the United States, where the […]

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Even Oil Can’t Put Food on the Table

by Suad Hamada – Bahrain – They live in the richest states in the world but cannot afford to buy essential commodities because their countries were […]

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A Voice from Gaza: Coping with the Siege

by S. Jean – Gaza City – Boom! I can feel a rumble under my feet and hear the windows clatter lightly in our two-bedroom apartment. […]

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It’s the Profits Stupid! Exxon’s Rising Take from America: Will the Proposed Gas Tax Holiday Really Help?

by Nomi Prins – USA – How sad. Exxon Mobil, the universe’s largest publicly traded company, which also happens to be enjoying some of its biggest […]

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Green Hawks in the Pentagon: the American Army Is on a Green Mission

by Eva Sohlman – Sweden – Former CIA director Jim Woolsey eagerly leans across the table in the swanky restaurant of the Carlton-Ritz Hotel in Washington, […]

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