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Irish People Say No to Domestic Water Charges

by Lucy Fitzgerald -Ireland- A contentious issue in Ireland is the government’s decision to introduce water charges for every household. There have been mass anti-water charge […]

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Water, Dignity and Sustainable Livelihoods for Women in Kenya

by Gemma Bulos –USA– “The human right to water is indispensable for leading a life in human dignity. It is a prerequisite for the realization of […]

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Karibu Kenya: Severe Water Shortages Unnoticed in Resorts and Safaris

by Nola Solomon –USA– “Jambo! Karibu! Karibu!*” shout the villagers of Chyulu Hills as they shake our hands each day. Their enthusiasm is infectious, like the […]

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To Survive Humans Need Will to Change: Commit to Reducing Pollution and Waste this Earth Day

by Victoria Stirling –Canada– What legacy are we going to leave our descendants? Will human beings worldwide re-evaluate our actions, our politics, and our economics according […]

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Geotherapy: Artist Mara Haseltine’s Blueprints to Save the Planet

by Nora Maccoby – USA – “The question for me has always been: How can I help the world?” Mara Haseltine smiles – her large aquatic […]

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Corruption Reduces the Basic Need for Water and Adequate Sanitation to an Elusive Dream for Billions

by Tess Raposas – Philippines – In coastal communities all over the Philippines, it is ironic that seawater is abundant everywhere but effectively, there’s not a […]

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Women in the Philippines Demand a Solution: Lack of Clean Water and Sanitation Facilities Threatens Their Children and Their Lives

by Imelda V. Abaño – Philippines – For Edna Dela Cruz, water is life, but it’s also backbreaking work. As a young child, she trudged barefoot […]

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Water Becomes Blue Gold in Lusaka

by Susan Mwape – Zambia – Where there is water there is life. Forty-three years after independence, Zambia still has persistent water issues. If anything, the […]

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