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Tibetan Nomads Lose Ground to Development

by Michelle Tolson –Mongolia– On May 31 2012, the Tibetan Women’s Association dutifully recorded the self-immolation of Rikyo, a Tibetan nomad woman and mother of three […]

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Borei Keila Evictions Highlights Economic Hierarchy Among Poor in Cambodia

by Michelle Tolson –Cambodia– On January 12th, 2012 I traveled 45 km outside of Phnom Penh with a group of human rights workers and journalists to […]

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The Right to Housing for Internally Displaced Haitians

While the eyes of the world are on Haiti’s illegitimate elections and the return of the deposed dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, about 1.5 million displaced earthquake survivors […]

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Colombia’s War: “He’s giving our country away”

by Moira Birss – Colombia – The sparse media coverage of Colombia tends only to give vague descriptions of a violent country with a thriving drug […]

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A New China Floods the Traditional Way of Life in Up the Yangtze

by Jessica Mosby – USA – On 8-8-08 when the Beijing Summer Olympics begins, the world will see that the Maoist doctrine of the Cultural Revolution […]

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Colombia’s Church and Civil Society Rally European Support for Ongoing Crisis

by Glory Mushinge – UK – In much of the world, life for an eight year old is considered just started, but in Colombia, girls that […]

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London Rally Draws Many of the UK’s Struggling Zimbabwean Exiles

by Sandra Nyaira – UK – On a chilly Saturday afternoon as rain drizzles continually from the grey London skies, Trafalgar Square slowly fills with women […]

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Mugabe’s Forcible “Clearance” of 2.4 Million of His Own People in Operation Murambatsvina: A Tragic Legacy, Two Years Later

by Constance Manika – Zimbabwe – My conscience has not let me rest since I last visited the small mining town of Bindura, about 90 kilometers […]

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