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Justice in Pakistan: Unmasking Perween Rahman’s Killers

by Zubeida Mustafa –Pakistan– The “weakness of women”, widely believed to be a natural phenomenon, is actually a myth. Women are resilient and there are many […]

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Restoring First Foods to the Columbia River Basin

by Michelle Tolson -USA- “I want to make money, but I have to take care of the fish,” said Yakama Nation fisherwoman Caroline Looney Hunt when […]

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Tep Vanny: The Woman from Village Number 22

by Michelle Tolson –Cambodia– “The way [Cambodian] women demonstrate is not physical. They use their voices. It is a collection of voices to spread awareness. For […]

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Afro-Colombians Defend ‘Life and Land’ in Northwest Humanitarian Zones

by Moira Birss –USA/Colombia– The first thing I notice after disembarking from the canoe that carries me across the Curvaradó River are palm oil trees. Their […]

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Aboriginal Peoples Lose Rights and Mineral Rich Land in Northern Territory Intervention

by Sarah Irving –Australia– “It wasn’t our dream to come and eat at the white man’s table, to work for the white man as a slave,” […]

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