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Afghan, Pakistani and Indian Women Pressure Afghan Government in Advance of Election

by Aditi Bhaduri –India– April 2014! It hangs like a Damocles’ sword over the Indian sub-continent. While Afghans may be the  immediate beneficiaries, the ramifications of […]

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Medical Tourism: When Push Comes to Shove, My Embryonic Stem Cell Adventure Begins

by Amy B. Scher –USA– I am on a 21-hour flight, I am disabled, uncomfortable, and in pain. I hate crowds, I get anxious when I […]

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Egyptian Elections: Economics and Politics Trump Women’s Rights

by Fernande van Tets and Aline Sara –Egypt– On Monday night it was announced that Mohamed Morsi and Ahmed Shafiq would progress to the run off […]

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March Against Voter Suppression Laws!

Our voting rights are under attack by the most aggressive effort our nation has seen in over a century. This year, two-thirds of state legislatures have […]

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Bothaina Kamel: Revolutionary, Defender of Social Justice, and Egypt’s First Female Nominee

by Manar Ammar –Egypt– In a sea of local press coverage and media appearances of presidential nominees for Egypt’s upcoming election, Bothaina Kamel’s name is left […]

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Despite Election, Burma’s Sham Constitution Guarantees Military Control

by Cheery Zahau –Burma/India/Thailand– It is a critical time in my country’s history. The military junta, called the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), has ruled […]

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How Legislators Manipulate Elections in the USA: An Interview with Gerrymandering Director Jeff Reichert

by Jessica Mosby –USA– On Tuesday you may think that you are going to the polls to choose your next elected official, but the upsetting reality […]

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The Female Faces of Resistance in Uganda: Preventing “Another Kenya” in 2011 Elections

by Rosebell Kagumire –Uganda– Political participation of women has changed since 2005 when Uganda, under donor pressure, opened political space to allow political parties in a […]

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Fundamental Change in Colombia Unlikely with President-elect Santos

by Moira Birss –Colombia/USA– Fulfilling expectations after a solid showing in May’s first round, former Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos handily won Colombia’s June 20th presidential […]

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From Protective Shields to Leaders: Kyrgyzstani Women Claim First Female Presidency

by Anna Kirey – Kyrgyzstan– The small, mountainous, post-Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan rarely makes international news. When it does, the headlines are either related to the […]

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Amid Tensions and Surprises Colombia Prepares to Elect a New President

by Moira Birss -USA/Colombia– Colombia prides itself on being Latin America’s oldest democracy. Unlike its neighbors, Colombia has not suffered brutal military coups and dictatorships and, […]


This is America: By a Landslide!

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