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More Women Directors “Good for Everyone”

by Kate Daniels, The WIP Director Last July, The WIP published #WomenCallAction: Illuminating the Relevance of Women Directing U.S. Media followed by a Twitter Chat with […]

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The Trouble with Mother’s Day

Few harp on Mother’s Day. I have yet to hear holiday critics deconstruct the celebration as a consumerist ploy to further capitalism. But it is, and […]

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Women Communicating for Social Change is Way of Life

by Brittany Lane and Nükhet Kardam – USA – Entrepreneurship, or the process of starting a business or organization, has long been essential for healthy and […]

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#WomenCallAction: Illuminating the Relevance of Women Directing U.S. Media

by Rachel Feldman –USA– As a woman director who has been working in Hollywood for 30 years, banging the drum for gender equity behind the camera, […]

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Cuba: Capitalism for You, Socialism for Us

by Ghazal Rahmanpanah –USA– For an island located a mere 93 miles from The United States of America, Cuba is the topic of much romanticism, exaggerated […]

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On Feminism, Identity & Latinas in Arts and Literature: An Interview with Cristy C. Road

by Andrea Dulanto –USA– In December 2012, Brooklyn-based artist and writer Cristy C. Road came back home to Miami to read at Sweat Records from her […]

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Female Perspectives on Ending Sexual Violence: Breaking the Silence

by Stephanie Koehler –USA– Stephanie Koehler is a journalist and photographer residing in California. She also is an advocate for the Rape Crisis Center. The vision […]

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Being a Feminist in 2012 is a Tricky Business

by Meghan Lewis –U.K.– I can think of many greater threats to feminism than a photograph of a woman without make-up. In fact I fail to […]

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Tolerance Toward Spousal Abuse in Egypt Persists Post Revolution

by Manar Ammar –Egypt– When Marwa* arrived at the hospital, her left arm was dangling beside her body like a lifeless piece of cloth. After examination, […]

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And The Emmy Goes to…Feminism!

Amy Poehler may have been dressed in the typical glittery-to-the-nines fashion at Sunday’s 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards; but when it came to the typical social graces […]

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The Future of Feminism

What do you want the future of feminism to look like? Gloria Steinem posed the question. What do YOU think and what are you going to […]

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Feminist in Wonderland: The Women of Comic Con

by Andrea Dulanto –USA– When attending an event produced by Wizard World, it is hard not to feel a bit geeky. Currently on tour throughout the […]

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