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What Makes a Hoosier?

by Kelley Calvert – USA – Hoosiers are a proud lot even if we cannot always explain where the term came from. Most people lose interest […]

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Restricting Abortion: A Questionable Tool for Increasing Macedonia’s Birth Rate

by Natasha Dokovska –Macedonia– In 2013, Macedonia’s Christian Democrat party adopted a new law on termination of pregnancy restricting a woman’s right to a safe and […]

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Cautious Optimism Fills India’s Women

By Aditi Bhaduri – India – On the 15th of August, India celebrated 67 years of independence from British colonial rule. A new wave of optimism […]

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India’s New Sexism of ‘Safety’

by Neeta Lal –India– December 16, 2013 marked the one-year anniversary of the death of Nirbhaya, the young physiotherapist who died after being brutally gang raped […]

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South Africa: Fight to Conserve Historical Traditions Encroaches on Women’s Rights

by Michelle Leung -South Africa- “Who are we as Africans?” Mazibuko Jara, a human rights activist, posed this question to the attendees of a dialogue held […]

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Call Me Kuchu – Empowering Uganda’s LGBT Activists

by Alexandra Marie Daniels Arts & Culture Editor When I learned the principal character in the film Call Me Kuchu is the slain human rights activist […]

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Equal Pay UK: Why Some Are Paid More Than Others

by Meghan Lewis –UK– In the same week that Ramesh Ponnuru, Senior Editor for the National Review, said that “The pay gap is exaggerated, discrimination doesn’t […]

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How Far Should CouchSurfing Go to Ensure Women’s Safety?

by Mandy Van Deven –USA– When I began to understand the immensity of the world, I felt a visceral inclination to discover all that it possessed […]

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Religious Beliefs Prevent Kenyan Parents from Seeking Conventional Medicine for Children

by Rachel Muthoni –Kenya– In a bid to keep their religious faith, some Kenyan parents do not take their children to hospitals, even for the most […]

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Corruption Turns India’s Borewells into Death Wells

by Priyanka Bhardwaj –India– Corruption inextricably linked with bureaucratic hassles has always existed in India. Yet, however hard some of us may try to understand them […]

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The Pitfalls of Legalizing Prostitution in Amsterdam

by Caroline Achieng Otieno –Netherlands– The Netherlands is a beautiful country. A typical Dutch postcard displays Friesian cows grazing in lush green fields with huge windmills […]

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Juvenile (In)Justice in Kashmir

by Nusrat Ara –Indian administered Kashmir– My heart sinks as I look at the collage, carried by almost all the local newspapers, of children standing before […]

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