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Building Democracy, Not in Name Only

by Katharine Daniels Executive Editor This commentary was originally published on Silent Heroes, Invisible Bridges and has been republished on The WIP under Creative Commons licenses. […]

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Nuclear Terror: Obama’s Quiet War on Prejudice

by Paula Humphrey –USA– The Obama administration has worked furiously in the past year to leverage new strategies against two primary threats: the illicit production of […]

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Violence Breeds Violence: “Afghanistan without bombs and burqas”

by Wazhmah Osman – Afghanistan/USA – Today Afghanistan finds itself in a state of collapse and at the center of a powerful network of global terrorism. […]

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Burma VJ: Reporting From a Closed Country

by Jessica Mosby – USA – Burma (also known as Myanmar) is a closed country, literally. Since the 1962 military coup, few outsiders have even entered […]

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Change We Can Believe In: An Open Letter to Barack Obama

by Katrina vanden Heuvel Editor and Publisher, The Nation – USA – Dear Senator Obama, We write to congratulate you on the tremendous achievements of your […]

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Strategies for the Crippling of a Nation: Mugabe’s Ruthless Cling to Power

by Katharine Daniels & Sarah McGowan – USA – Sunday’s news that opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai had withdrawn from the Zimbabwean runoff race spurred international media […]

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Zimbabwe Introduces Special Banknotes as Inflation Soars

by Lelety Mabasa – Zimbabwe – Always faithful in shocking the world, Zimbabwe has scored yet another first, and as usual, for all the wrong reasons. […]

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Why Wright Still Matters to Obama’s Campaign

by Faye M. Anderson – USA – With only three primaries remaining, the Democratic presidential nomination battle is nearing the finish line. While Barack Obama has […]

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Mugabe Wages Retribution Campaign After Losing the Election: Hundreds Flee for “Safety”

by Constance Manika – Zimbabwe – In the early hours of April 25th, Tariro Gweru and her husband Wellington awoke to a deafening knock on their […]

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No Election Results But a Recount Begins: Mugabe Uses Violence to Reverse the People’s Will as MDC Calls for a Work Boycott

by Constance Manika – Zimbabwe – “The moment the people stop supporting you, that’s the moment you should quit politics.” These were the seemingly reasonable and […]

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Ruling ZANU PF Loses Majority to the Opposition in Zimbabwe & Seeks Election Runoff to Save Face

by Constance Manika – Zimbabwe – On Saturday, March 29th, I was one of the millions of Zimbabweans who went to the polls to choose a […]

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US Leadership Expert Michael Maccoby Discusses Which Candidate Is Best Suited for the Presidency

by Eva Sohlman – Sweden – What kind of leader does tomorrow’s America need? And who among the presidential candidates is best suited to meet the […]

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