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Call Me Kuchu – Empowering Uganda’s LGBT Activists

by Alexandra Marie Daniels Arts & Culture Editor When I learned the principal character in the film Call Me Kuchu is the slain human rights activist […]

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You Either Work or You Die: Mob ‘Justice’ in Uganda

by Jemma Williams –Australia– It was Christmas day in Fort Portal, Uganda. A large group of people had gathered by the roadside and were all moving […]

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RE: Ugandan Journalists Arrested For President Museveni’s Unflattering Cartoon

Uganda’s President Museveni needs to learn civility, which includes being respectful of others whether or not he agrees with them. I say this, because civility is […]

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Ugandan Parents Send Their Children to Boarding Schools to Cope with the Food Crisis

by Halimah Abdallah Kisule – Uganda – Ms Akullo Flavia, a retail shop owner in a Kampala suburb, stands puzzled in the local market not knowing […]

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Woman to Woman: How Giving in Uganda Changed My Life

by Carrie R. Sparrevohn – USA – In 2005 I traveled to Uganda, East Africa, for the first time. I met Margaret Nangobi on that trip, […]

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Medical Community in Uganda Unites in Support of Pesticide Use to Eradicate Malaria – Environmentalists Still Protest

by Halimah Abdallah Kisule – Uganda – The numbers are staggering. Dr Myers Lugemwa, officer in charge of malaria research at the Ministry of Health’s Department […]

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Uganda’s New Copyright Law Gives Hope to Artists

by Halimah Abdallah Kisule – Uganda – In Uganda, the widespread burning of counterfeit CDs has robbed musicians of their due. Until August of last year, […]

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Uganda’s Coffee Producers Hope to Benefit from Vietnam’s Dismal Crop Yield After Climate Change Diminishes Supply

by Esther Nakkazi – Uganda – Coffee exporters in developing countries are bracing themselves for higher unit export prices.Triggered by speculative buying from a supply shortage […]

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Uganda’s Orphan Problems Not About to End

by Halima Abdallah K. – Uganda – Uganda’s Minister of Gender, Labor and Social Development, a department charged with monitoring the conditions of children and the […]

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Karamoja Now More Insecure than Northern Uganda, Part II

by Halima Abdallah Kisule – Kampala, Uganda – Kenya, however, may not be a safe haven for the warriors as a similar disarmament exercise is taking […]

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PMTCT: Uganda’s Effort to Prevent Mother-to-Child Transmission of AIDS

By Esther Nakkazi – Uganda – The number of pregnant women in Uganda accessing Nevirapine, the drug that stops mothers from passing HIV to their newborn […]

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Karamoja Now More Insecure than Northern Uganda, Part I

By Halima Abdallah Kisule – Kampala, Uganda – The ongoing disarmament process in Karamoja has taken a nasty turn as Karachunas (warriors) are engaging the Uganda […]

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