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A Home Away From Home: Filipina Nannies Create Spaces of Belonging in Canada

by Katie Palmer –Canada– In 2009, the Toronto Star published a series of investigative reports on the widespread abuse and exploitation of Filipina live-in caregivers. The […]

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Maher Arar: A Case of Unjustified Government-Sanctioned Torture Continues Into the Present In a New Form

by Imelda V. Abaño – Philippines – TORONTO – “What has happened to me can never be undone!” Even after five years, even after being officially […]

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Two Canadian Women Start Leadership Dialogue with Book

by D-L Nelson – France – It is easy to talk about a problem; it is much harder to do anything about it. Two Canadian women, […]

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A Chair Can Be a Powerful Symbol

by D-L Nelson – France – Geneva, Switzerland – “The chair is back,” Geneva residents are saying to each other. They are referring to a 12-meter […]

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Canadian Strikers Weather the Cold for Fair Wages

by D-L Nelson – France – What turns a happy employee and grandmother into a striker willing to walk an icy picket line in Hamilton, ON, […]

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