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The Great Invisible Explores Human Cost of Deepwater Horizon Disaster

by Danielle Steer –USA– I recently read that your 20s are a defining decade in regards to a person’s development. As I near the end of […]

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They Think We’re Coming for their American Dream: The Salvadorian Immigration Epidemic

By Ghazal Rahmanpanah –El Salvador/USA– A century ago immigration in the United States was synonymous with the image of ships arriving at Ellis Island filled with […]

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Indigenous Interpreters Provide Missing Link for Natividad Medical Center Patients

by Kate Daniels Kurz, The WIP Director Natividad Medical Center, located in Salinas, California – the heart of California’s “Salad Bowl” – is one of the […]

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Cuba: Capitalism for You, Socialism for Us

by Ghazal Rahmanpanah –USA– For an island located a mere 93 miles from The United States of America, Cuba is the topic of much romanticism, exaggerated […]

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The Chilean Student Movement: Overcoming a History of Political Repression

by Cassandra S. Stedham –Editorial Intern– There is a certain aura that hangs thick and heavy in the Chilean air. I feel it as soon as […]

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“No Justice? No Peace!” The Women Absent from Colombia’s Peace Talks

by Moira Birss –Colombia– “No Justice? No Peace!” Never has this chant, which I have heard so often at anti-war rallies, felt so real to me […]

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On Feminism, Identity & Latinas in Arts and Literature: An Interview with Cristy C. Road

by Andrea Dulanto –USA– In December 2012, Brooklyn-based artist and writer Cristy C. Road came back home to Miami to read at Sweat Records from her […]

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Breaking Social Boundaries: Innovative Transport for the Poor in Colombia

by Jemma Williams –Australia– The gondola glides smoothly up into the Andean hills on the outskirts of Medellín, Colombia, as I peer through its clean glass […]

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“When it rains, we will grow again”: Haitian Women Observe International Women’s Day

by Alexis Erkert, photos by Ben Depp “As activists, we commemorate this as a day of struggle, a day to make our voices heard until someone […]

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Business as Government: Capitalizing on Disaster in Post-Earthquake Haiti

by Deepa Panchang and Beverly Bell “I am optimistic that in 18 months, yes, we will be autonomous in our decisions. But right now I have […]

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Championing the Power of Youth Advocacy in Guatemala

Originally published at IPPF/WHR Adolescent fertility rates in Latin America and the Caribbean surpass the world average, and more than 1 in 3 women in the […]

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Putting Youth Needs at the Center of Sexual Health in Peru

Originally published at IPPF/WHR With nearly half the world’s population under the age of 25, today’s generation of youth is the largest ever. Yet many young […]

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