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The Chilean Student Movement: Overcoming a History of Political Repression

by Cassandra S. Stedham –Editorial Intern– There is a certain aura that hangs thick and heavy in the Chilean air. I feel it as soon as […]

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“No Justice? No Peace!” The Women Absent from Colombia’s Peace Talks

by Moira Birss –Colombia– “No Justice? No Peace!” Never has this chant, which I have heard so often at anti-war rallies, felt so real to me […]

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Breaking Social Boundaries: Innovative Transport for the Poor in Colombia

by Jemma Williams –Australia– The gondola glides smoothly up into the Andean hills on the outskirts of Medellín, Colombia, as I peer through its clean glass […]

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Putting Youth Needs at the Center of Sexual Health in Peru

Originally published at IPPF/WHR With nearly half the world’s population under the age of 25, today’s generation of youth is the largest ever. Yet many young […]

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Argentines recall economic crisis 10 years on

In 2001, Argentine people suffered from a huge economic and financial crisis. In order to avoid a run on the banks, the Argentine government only allowed […]

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Afro-Colombians Defend ‘Life and Land’ in Northwest Humanitarian Zones

by Moira Birss –USA/Colombia– The first thing I notice after disembarking from the canoe that carries me across the Curvaradó River are palm oil trees. Their […]

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Bridging Cultures in the Sacred Valley of Peru

The opportunity to go work in the Sacred Valley of Peru with the Andean Alliance and the Becky Fund was unexpected and extremely exciting. In just […]

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Resisting Violence through Sustainable Agriculture in Colombia

by Moira Birss –USA/Colombia– In the middle of one of the most fertile regions in Colombia, amidst a five-decade armed conflict, a small peasant community manages […]

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Argentina Lingering Questions

I read the Byline story on Argentina and the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo and found that the Comment option wasn’t working so I am […]

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Kids with Same-Sex Parents are All Right: A Conversation with Lisa Cholodenko

by Vera von Kreutzbruck – Argentina/Germany – Last winter film director Lisa Cholodenko came to Berlin to present The Kids Are All Right at the International […]

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Fundamental Change in Colombia Unlikely with President-elect Santos

by Moira Birss –Colombia/USA– Fulfilling expectations after a solid showing in May’s first round, former Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos handily won Colombia’s June 20th presidential […]

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Caminito: Birth of a Tango, and of a Street

The tango is a musical style that is always being reborn, as the renewed popularity of tango in several world capitals can testify. Few musical styles […]

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