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Argentines recall economic crisis 10 years on

In 2001, Argentine people suffered from a huge economic and financial crisis. In order to avoid a run on the banks, the Argentine government only allowed […]

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Argentina Lingering Questions

I read the Byline story on Argentina and the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo and found that the Comment option wasn’t working so I am […]

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Kids with Same-Sex Parents are All Right: A Conversation with Lisa Cholodenko

by Vera von Kreutzbruck – Argentina/Germany – Last winter film director Lisa Cholodenko came to Berlin to present The Kids Are All Right at the International […]

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Caminito: Birth of a Tango, and of a Street

The tango is a musical style that is always being reborn, as the renewed popularity of tango in several world capitals can testify. Few musical styles […]

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The Women of Brukman: Revolutionary Spirit in the Wake of Argentina’s Economic Meltdown

by Jessica Mosby – USA – – March 8th – Today we celebrate International Women’s Day with our sisters and mothers, aunts and grandmothers, cousins and […]

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Two Women in South America Are Presidents: Is This a Trend?

by Louise Belfrage News Editor, The WIP – Argentina – There were no people celebrating in the streets of Buenos Aires when Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner […]

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Argentina’s Elections: Another First Lady Has an Excellent Chance of Becoming President on Her Own Merits

by Vera von Kreutzbruck – Germany/Argentina – Unless there is a dramatic and highly improbable last-minute shift in the voter polls, the 28th of October will […]

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Argentina Teachers Strike Leads to Death

by Louise Belfrage News Editor, The WIP – Argentina – Buenos Aires, April 10th – On April 4th, Argentine public school teachers in the provincial capital […]

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Something Fundamental

by Louise Belfrage News Editor, The WIP – Argentina – One day, while I was sitting in a shoebox of an apartment in Once, Buenos Aires’ […]

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