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Ruud Awakening for Gullit: The Dutch Soccer Coach Has Met His Match with the LA Galaxy

by Bia Assevero – USA / France – Ruud Gullit knows his soccer. He’s Dutch for one thing, and the Dutch have produced some of the […]

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My Unlikely Life Mission: Self-defense as Physical Literacy

by Ellen Snortland – USA – Midnight. Intensely urban downtown neighborhood in Los Angeles where the alleys reek of urine and garbage. Dark Craftsman house in […]

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Made in America: Unending Violence in the Land of Prosperity

by Jessica Mosby – USA – Forty years of unending gang violence between rival gangs, the Bloods and Crips, has killed over 15,000 people in South […]

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Exploring the Edge: Young Couple Brings the Rita Project and Birth Write to Los Angeles

by Sarah McGowan Features & Photo Editor, The WIP – USA – Recently relocated to Los Angeles, artists Kim Strouse and Joseph Michael Lopez are no […]

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“David vs Goliath” in Los Angeles: The Amazon’s Achuar Take Occidental Petroleum to Court

by Michelle Chen – USA – “Before, we could just drink straight from the river – we could drink from any stream. But it’s not like […]

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From Homeless Advocates to Nearly Homeless: How LA County Mental Health may be contributing to the homeless population it struggles to serve

by Sarah McGowan Features & Photo Editor, The WIP – USA – Denise and Esteban, both in their early 50’s, moved into my apartment building eight […]

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