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Out of the Darkness: An interview with Melanie Kirkpatrick on “Escape from North Korea”

by Leslie Patrick –South Korea– Standing at the 38th parallel that divides the two Koreas is a surreal experience. On the southern side, buses of foreign […]

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Adopting Chinese Daughters: A Conversation on Somewhere Between

by Alexandra Marie Daniels Arts, Culture & Media Editor “I cried” is the first thing I say when I begin my phone conversation with Linda Goldstein […]

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Tibetan Nomads Lose Ground to Development

by Michelle Tolson –Mongolia– On May 31 2012, the Tibetan Women’s Association dutifully recorded the self-immolation of Rikyo, a Tibetan nomad woman and mother of three […]

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AIDS Orphans in China

The rapid spread of the HIV infection in China is having a devastating impact on the country’s children, and threatens to become an epidemic with significant […]

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Health in China: The Environmental Toll on Children

In recent times, China has greatly improved the health status of the majority of its population — while also maintaining a sustained economic expansion. Some of […]

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Despite Tensions Tibetans Remain Devoted to Dalai Lama: The Sun Behind the Clouds

by Jessica Mosby –USA– The Chinese have ruled Tibet since 1959. For Tibetan refugees living around the world, the dream of returning to a free Tibet […]

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Tibetans Find Power in Words

by Mridu Khullar – India – With the 2008 Olympics in China beginning this week, protests from the Tibetan refugee community in India are intensifying. But […]

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A New China Floods the Traditional Way of Life in Up the Yangtze

by Jessica Mosby – USA – On 8-8-08 when the Beijing Summer Olympics begins, the world will see that the Maoist doctrine of the Cultural Revolution […]

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Olympic Spirit and Media Objectivity Should Be Upheld

by Yu Sun – China – The earthquake that struck Sichuan recently has shown China’s capacity to mobilize resources, cope with emergency situations and handle crisis. […]

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Beijing Under Olympic Pressure: Tibetan Activists And Vocal Spokesperson Detained

by Louise Belfrage News Editor, The WIP – Sweden – Yesterday, August 8th, was an auspicious date, symbolically, for China – it was one year to […]

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Chinese Legal System: Better Than You Think Regarding Human Rights

by D-L Nelson – France – Anyone who says one person can’t make a difference never met Karen Tse. She looks like a college student, but […]

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Zambians Urged to Wrestle Chinese Business Exploitation

by Glory Mushinge Zambia While most Zambian people, especially local business owners, have continuously condemned Chinese investors for exploiting the country’s market by selling sub-standard goods […]

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