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Kashmir Floods: “Please Don’t Panic, We Will Reach You”

by Lubna Reshi -Indian-administered Kashmir- Srinagar is not the same as when I left in mid-August. I feel like I have returned to a warzone. Devastation […]

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Kashmiri War Mothers Find Ways to Grieve

by Shazia Yousuf –Indian-administered Kashmir– When I met Taja Begum in the winter of 2009, I could tell she was dying soon. Taja, 75, was skin […]

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Heroes Never Die: The Sundown Parade at the Wagah Border

by Urmila Chanam -India- The cover from enemy fire at the position he decided to occupy was scant, exposing him and his buddy to extreme danger. […]

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Dowry Rising Among Muslims in Kashmir

by Nusrat Ara –Indian-administered Kashmir– Shazia Akhtar and her family have been preparing for months for her wedding. The family has saved for years for the […]

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Juvenile (In)Justice in Kashmir

by Nusrat Ara –Indian administered Kashmir– My heart sinks as I look at the collage, carried by almost all the local newspapers, of children standing before […]

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Craftsmen of Renowned Kashmiri Guns Struggle to Survive

by Nusrat Ara –Indian-administered Kashmir– As a little kid my elder brother and I spent most of our time at our maternal grandparent’s house. A room […]

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Buddhism in Ladakh: Everyday, Everywhere

by Charukesi Ramadurai – India – High in the north Indian state of Kashmir sits Ladakh, held by many as the last bastion of Himalayan Buddhism. […]

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Kashmir’s Last Cinema Struggles to Survive

by Nusrat Ara –Indian-Administered Kashmir– It is Sunday noon. I am standing outside the only functional cinema in all of Indian administered Kashmir. Located in the […]

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India Braces for US Pressure on Afghanistan and Kashmir

by Aditi Bhaduri – India – As US President Barack Obama commits a troops increase in Afghanistan and a recognition of the “good Taliban,” and as […]

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Despite Modernization, Faith Healers Remain Popular for Treating the Effects of Kashmir’s Conflict

by Afsaana Rashid – Indian-administered Kashmir – While the world has progressed by leaps and bounds in technological advancement, the Kashmir valley remains rooted in cultural […]

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