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Tibetan Nomads Lose Ground to Development

by Michelle Tolson –Mongolia– On May 31 2012, the Tibetan Women’s Association dutifully recorded the self-immolation of Rikyo, a Tibetan nomad woman and mother of three […]

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Buddhism in Ladakh: Everyday, Everywhere

by Charukesi Ramadurai – India – High in the north Indian state of Kashmir sits Ladakh, held by many as the last bastion of Himalayan Buddhism. […]

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Despite Tensions Tibetans Remain Devoted to Dalai Lama: The Sun Behind the Clouds

by Jessica Mosby –USA– The Chinese have ruled Tibet since 1959. For Tibetan refugees living around the world, the dream of returning to a free Tibet […]

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Tibetans Find Power in Words

by Mridu Khullar – India – With the 2008 Olympics in China beginning this week, protests from the Tibetan refugee community in India are intensifying. But […]

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Olympic Spirit and Media Objectivity Should Be Upheld

by Yu Sun – China – The earthquake that struck Sichuan recently has shown China’s capacity to mobilize resources, cope with emergency situations and handle crisis. […]

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Daughters of Wisdom: Tibetan Nuns Inspiring a Feminist Movement Through Their Isolated Monastic Life

by Jessica Mosby – USA – “Free Tibet” has become part of our lexicon due to countless bumper stickers adorning Volvos and fundraisers featuring Richard Gere. […]

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Beijing Under Olympic Pressure: Tibetan Activists And Vocal Spokesperson Detained

by Louise Belfrage News Editor, The WIP – Sweden – Yesterday, August 8th, was an auspicious date, symbolically, for China – it was one year to […]

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