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Syrian Mothers on Their Own: “We Are All the Same, Confronting Death and Our Destiny”

by Riham Alkousaa –Germany– Fadia Al-Khatib, a mother of five, came to Germany by herself. The 44-year-old Syrian woman and her husband decided that she would […]

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A Tale of Two Syrian Daughters

by Aloosh Devrim -Syria- Nada struggles to sleep amid the rapid and consistent blasts of artillery shelling and gunfire, a noise that has become commonplace in […]

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A Family Home Torn Apart in Syrian Government Shelling: Home is Where the Heart Is

by Aloosh Devrim –Syria– Araa, a 37-year-old mother, dashes through the house, hysterically inspecting one room after the other. She is shivering in panic. She tries […]

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With Love and Respect, a Syrian Mom Dares Bashar

by Aloosh Devrim –Syria– Sunk deep in thoughts, Rania sits alone in her dark room oblivious to the thumping of feet on the roof where neighbor’s […]

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In Syria, the Worst Seems Yet to Come

by Aloosh Devrim –Syria– Farewells are generally emotional but not as great as we experienced this evening. It had not been a social visit with family […]

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Maher Arar: A Case of Unjustified Government-Sanctioned Torture Continues Into the Present In a New Form

by Imelda V. Abaño – Philippines – TORONTO – “What has happened to me can never be undone!” Even after five years, even after being officially […]

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