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What Makes a Hoosier?

by Kelley Calvert – USA – Hoosiers are a proud lot even if we cannot always explain where the term came from. Most people lose interest […]

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Syrian Mothers on Their Own: “We Are All the Same, Confronting Death and Our Destiny”

by Riham Alkousaa –Germany– Fadia Al-Khatib, a mother of five, came to Germany by herself. The 44-year-old Syrian woman and her husband decided that she would […]

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Mobilizing Religious Leaders to Combat Violence against Women in Turkey

by Meltem Ağduk and Nükhet Kardam – Turkey – Violence against Women (VAW) is a violation of human rights rooted in inequality between women and men. […]

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Islamic Versus Societal Culture in Pakistan

by Nidaa Shahid – Pakistan – The general perception worldwide about women in Islam is that they are oppressed and without rights. It is widely believed […]

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Lessons on Peace from Ugandan Coffee Growers

Last night executive editor of The WIP, Kate Daniels participated in a panel discussion following a showing of Delicious Peace Grows in a Ugandan Coffee Bean, […]

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Dowry Tradition Prevails in Sri Lanka, Preys on Women

by Nicola Yeeles – UK– Priyanka* is a soft-spoken, gently rounded 46-year-old Sri Lankan Tamil woman with a friendly manner. She is training to be a […]

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As Catholic as the Pope But Not Allowed to Lead

by Alexandra Marie Daniels –USA– On March 13, 2013 Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio, 76, was elected by the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church to […]

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Religious Beliefs Prevent Kenyan Parents from Seeking Conventional Medicine for Children

by Rachel Muthoni –Kenya– In a bid to keep their religious faith, some Kenyan parents do not take their children to hospitals, even for the most […]

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Screenless Sundays: Almost Amish Tips for Taking A Technology Fast

by Nancy Sleeth –USA– Something is wrong, terribly wrong, about our time. We feel it like a splinter in our hearts. There is no room for […]

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Tibetan Nomads Lose Ground to Development

by Michelle Tolson –Mongolia– On May 31 2012, the Tibetan Women’s Association dutifully recorded the self-immolation of Rikyo, a Tibetan nomad woman and mother of three […]

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Building Equitable Peace in the Land of Contrasts, Nepal

by Pushpa Iyer –USA– “Turn around, turn around,” my Nepali friend instructs our driver as we drive around Pokhara. She asks him to stop next to […]

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In Australia, Is ‘Say No To Burqas’ Say No To Immigration?

by Sarah Irving –Australia– For a piece of cloth, the burqa arouses an extraordinary amount of emotion. In France women wearing it have been criminalised, and […]

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