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28 Awesome Innovations Feeding Our Cities

Around 15 percent of the world’s food is now grown in urban areas. According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), urban farms already supply food to about 700 […]

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Restoring First Foods to the Columbia River Basin

by Michelle Tolson -USA- “I want to make money, but I have to take care of the fish,” said Yakama Nation fisherwoman Caroline Looney Hunt when […]

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With No Money, Kenyan Farmers Find Way to Feed Hungry

by Rachel Muthoni –Kenya– When they hear cries of their fellow countrymen hit by acute food shortage, Kenyan peasant farmers in more productive areas have no […]

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Farmageddon Director Kristin Canty on Saving America’s Farms

by Jessica Mosby –USA– For almost a year I have been experiencing insufferable allergies. Many doctors’ appointments and medications later, I still wake up in the […]

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Food Is Priority for Children Evicted From Kenya’s Mau Forest

by Rachel Muthoni –Kenya– Since they were evicted from the Mau Forest complex two years ago, more than 10,000 families have known no better life than […]

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Getting “More Crop Per Drop” to Strengthen Global Food Security

Crossposted from the Worldwatch Institute’s Nourishing the Planet. Increasing demand for water continues to put a strain on available water sources, threatening the livelihood of millions […]

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Resisting Violence through Sustainable Agriculture in Colombia

by Moira Birss –USA/Colombia– In the middle of one of the most fertile regions in Colombia, amidst a five-decade armed conflict, a small peasant community manages […]

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Haitian Farmers: Growing Strength to Grow Food

Rony Charles, a rice grower and member of the Agricultural Producer Cooperative of Verrettes, said, “Instead of foreigners sending us food, they should give us the […]

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Ugandan Parents Send Their Children to Boarding Schools to Cope with the Food Crisis

by Halimah Abdallah Kisule – Uganda – Ms Akullo Flavia, a retail shop owner in a Kampala suburb, stands puzzled in the local market not knowing […]

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A Struggling Nation: Indonesia in Food, Fuel, and Compassion Crises

by Jennie S. Bev – USA / Indonesia – I live in Northern California, considered one of the wealthiest regions in the United States, where the […]

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How to Solve the Food Crisis: Cut trade barriers and start a Green Revolution in Africa, says Jeffrey Sachs

by Eva Sohlman – Sweden – In Haiti people eat cakes baked with mud for lack of flour. In Bangladesh, Indonesia and across Africa, riots are […]

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Poverty and Food Crisis: from the Philippines to Haiti

by Imelda V. Abaño – Philippines – Hunger is the most crucial manifestation of poverty. In many parts of the world, the soaring prices of food, […]

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