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Water, Dignity and Sustainable Livelihoods for Women in Kenya

by Gemma Bulos –USA– “The human right to water is indispensable for leading a life in human dignity. It is a prerequisite for the realization of […]

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How Far Should CouchSurfing Go to Ensure Women’s Safety?

by Mandy Van Deven –USA– When I began to understand the immensity of the world, I felt a visceral inclination to discover all that it possessed […]

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Screenless Sundays: Almost Amish Tips for Taking A Technology Fast

by Nancy Sleeth –USA– Something is wrong, terribly wrong, about our time. We feel it like a splinter in our hearts. There is no room for […]

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Survivors of Sex Trafficking in Global South Need IT Skills Training Rather than Sewing Lessons

by Katie Palmer –Canada– Child sex trafficking is rampant throughout the Philippines. Both anti-trafficking non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and government agencies estimate that 60,000 to 100,000 Filipino […]

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Facebook Game ‘Angry Brides’ Trivializes Grave Human Rights Violation

by Rita Banerji –India– I am on a Google alert for “dowry,” a practice that is recognized as one of the underlying causes of India’s female […]

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Innovative Internet-based Projects Give Indian Women Platform to Fight Violence

by Paromita Pain –India– Gropes, stealthy fingers that pinch and leave bruises, catcalls, severe beatings, systematic starvation, emotional torture and worse – harassment against women takes […]

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Breaking the Silence: Rallying around the World to End Gender-based Street Harassment

by Holly Kearl –USA– What does a woman in Bangalore, India, standing on a busy street corner, waiting for a bus have in common with a […]

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In the Sinai Desert, Radio Sharm is Live and Well

by Victoria Aitken –UK– The Sinai desert has a new underground radio station – the only one to escape a ban on live radio transmissions – […]

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The Battle for Net Neutrality: Corporate Takeover or Opportunity?

by Megan Tady – USA – On Tuesday, April 6th a federal court decision put the Internet, and your ability to use it, in jeopardy. It’s […]

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U.S. Stimulus Plan to Boost Geothermal Energy Prospects

by Kimberly N. Chase – USA – In an unmarked meadow by the side of the road at The Geysers, the 30-square-mile steam field about 70 […]

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Video Testimonials Document Politically Motivated Sexual Violence in Zimbabwe

by Abigail Wendle – USA – According to the Zimbabwe Rape Survivors Association, during last year’s highly contested presidential election an estimated 2,000 women and girls […]

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India Ramps up Nuclear Power with Help from the United States

by Priyanka Bhardwaj – India – At the insistence of the United States, India has been granted global “nuclear exception” status despite being a non-signatory on […]

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