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Announcing The WIP 3.0

In 2006, a handful of enthusiastic editors began a collaboration that would ultimately become The WIP. On our first day online, March 7, 2007, I posted […]

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More Women Directors “Good for Everyone”

by Kate Daniels, The WIP Director Last July, The WIP published #WomenCallAction: Illuminating the Relevance of Women Directing U.S. Media followed by a Twitter Chat with […]

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Remembering Our Mother: One Family’s Fight Against Domestic Violence

by Kimberly Amador, The WIP’s Associate Editor Saturday June 14th, 2014 was a beautiful, sunny day in my hometown in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada […]

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The WIP and MIIS: A Partnership for Change

by Katharine Daniels –The WIP Director– This winter I read Saru Jayaraman’s Behind the Kitchen Door. Part investigative journalism, part narrative, Jayaraman exposes the discriminatory, exploitative […]

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Netroots Nation: Organized People Defeating Organized Money

by Katharine Daniels Executive Editor, The WIP I just returned from San Jose, California after covering the eighth annual Netroots Nation. In 2006 I attended the […]

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Heroin Addiction: One Family’s Misadventure

by Cassandra Stedham –USA– Addiction. What thoughts and images does this word evoke? Sunken eyes, pallid complexion, grinding teeth, fingernails gnawed down to the quick? The […]

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The Courage to Create Social Change

by Katharine Daniels, Executive Editor One light amongst the darkness of the tragedy that befell Newtown, Connecticut and this nation last week is the collective outrage […]

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Zubeida Mustafa: Visionary, Pioneer, and Trailblazer for Women in Leadership

by Katharine Daniels, Executive Editor Post last week’s gains for women in the United States Senate and record numbers of women running for seats in Congress […]

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When Breast Implants Are Ticking Time Bombs: The PIP Scandal

by Aralena Malone-Leroy –France– In late December 2011, while most Europeans were doing last-minute holiday shopping and preparing for gargantuan meals and family festivities, hundreds of […]

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Occupy the Media: The Women’s International Perspective in 2012

by Katharine Daniels, Executive Editor 2011 was a remarkable year. People no longer conceded to sit idly while unjust economic policies and governments denied them prosperous […]

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September 11th: Reflecting on Why We Are Here

by Katharine Daniels and Alexandra Daniels The WIP Looking back we remember Felicia, our Brooklyn sister and loyal friend. The woman who always greeted you with […]

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Refuse, Renew, and Precycle this World Oceans Day

by Katharine Daniels Executive Editor June 8 is World Oceans Day – a growing global celebration of the big blue body of life that covers 71 […]

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