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Building Democracy, Not in Name Only

by Katharine Daniels Executive Editor This commentary was originally published on Silent Heroes, Invisible Bridges and has been republished on The WIP under Creative Commons licenses. […]

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“South Africa Treats Zimbabwean Refugees Like Criminals”

by Grace Kwinjeh – South Africa – Last week Zimbabwe’s civil society and opposition held a commemorative vigil marking the anniversary of the gruesome torture of […]

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Cool, Carefully Considered, Methodical, Prolonged: Terror, Torture And Deceit in The USA

by Patricia Vásquez and Katharine Daniels – The WIP – On August 7, 2007, The WIP, in its Byline Portal, linked to an outstanding and shocking […]

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Hopes for the Closing of Guantanamo Bay’s Military Prison

by Suad Hamada Bahrain Of the many expectations that Arabs hope will come out of the US Presidential election, the top three almost certainly are: massive […]

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Maher Arar: A Case of Unjustified Government-Sanctioned Torture Continues Into the Present In a New Form

by Imelda V. Abaño – Philippines – TORONTO – “What has happened to me can never be undone!” Even after five years, even after being officially […]

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